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Aerial Photography & Videography

aerial photography and videography

At MD Skyshots, we use drones to capture stunning and unique photos and videos. Our aerial imagery services are perfect for capturing the beauty of the Irish countryside in counties Kerry, Cork, and beyond. We regularly share these images on our social media channels so be sure to check out our Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube pages.

Whether you want an aerial picture of your home, a video of your business or sports club, or even a canvas print of a special location, we've got you covered. MD Skyshots will ensure that your project is completed professionally, safely, and legally.

Our services include high-resolution images and full video production, complete with a music license. So if you're looking for aerial photos or videos of your home or business, don't hesitate to contact MD Skyshots.

Some types of aerial photo and video services we provide:

  • Aerial Photography and Video

  • Landscape Photography

  • Property and Business Aerial Photos

  • Time Lapse Photography

  • 360-degree Panoramas

  • Planning Application Photography

  • Hyperlapse

  • High Resolution Photos for Printing

Check out some of our photos!

Drone Construction Monitoring

drone construction monitoring

Some of the drone construction monitoring and timelapse work we have done!

drone construction monitoring county kerry

Revolutionize your construction project oversight with MD Skyshots' Drone Construction Progression Service. Our advanced aerial technology captures high-resolution imagery and video from consistent GPS locations during monthly site visits, resulting in a comprehensive start-to-finish timelapse of your project. This innovative approach ensures a detailed log, facilitating streamlined communication and informed decision-making throughout the build. 

  •  Monitor projects of all sizes, from small residential builds to large-scale developments

  • Photos and videos are captured from the same locations using GPS flight paths

  •  Weekly, biweekly, or monthly site visits

  • Timelapse photos & videos

  • Before and After comparison images

  • Orthomosaic site maps with points of interest annotations (visual reference only)

  • Videos and images branded to your business using your logo for marketing and portfolios

  • Showcase your projects from start to finish on your website and social media channels wIth images and videos ready to post online

  • Keep all parties associated with the project up to date with monthly progress reports

  • All media can be delivered online using a password protected custom webpage, making it easy to view all progress, or transferred to the client via Google Drive and email. This gives an instant, unique perspective of the site during the construction phase.

Real Estate

real estate

MD Skyshots provides a comprehensive package for auctioneers and property developers, including aerial and internal photographs and a branded video displaying the property's interior, exterior, and aerial footage. We also create fully immersive Virtual Tours that allow potential buyers to view the property remotely.  Included are boundary lines and any annotations required to highlight the property's location and how close it is to certain amenities. We cater to all properties, including residential, commercial, sites, and farmland.

Benefits of using MD Skyshots for your property photos and videos:

  • Fast turnaround. Weather permitting, we can get all media captured and delivered within 5-7 days anywhere in Kerry and Cork (Outside of these areas may take longer)

  • Make your listing stand out from competitors

  • Capture more potential buyers, investors and tenants including long distance and international

  • Attract more sellers by offering high quality, unique marketing content ready to post online and on all social media channels

A property development promtional video done of a project in Sneem, Co. Kerry!

Check out some of the property photos we have taken!

MD Skyshots also offers immersive 360° tours for real estate. These virtual tours allow your potential buyers to see inside the property as if they were standing right there in real life. 360° photography will allow the viewers to be able to look up, down, and all around to get a real feel of the property. With a 360° virtual tour, they’ll be able to explore every nook and cranny by clicking on the hotspots or thumbnails within the tour. A virtual tour can massively increase a property's view reach and interest as it allows a full viewing to be done from anywhere in the world.

360° Virtual Tours

virtual tours

Have a look around this Virtual Tour of Cremur's showroom in Tralee, Co. Kerry!

A 360° Virtual Tour is an interactive online experience that allows visitors to virtually walk inside physical spaces from any computer, tablet, or phone.


It is an excellent way to showcase a property or business. With the use of drones and 360° cameras, it is possible to create Virtual Tours of almost any location. 

MD Skyshots 360° Virtual Tours give your potential customers an immersive experience by allowing them to see inside your property or business as if they were standing there in real life.


360° photography allows potential customers to look up, down, and all around to get a feel for the property. With a 360° Virtual Tour, they can explore every nook and cranny of your business or property by clicking on the hotspots or thumbnail within the tour.

What can a Virtual Tour do for your business?

  • Allow you to showcase your property or business in a way that photos and videos can’t

  • Boost your revenue

  • Help to keep up with modern technology and make you an industry leader!

  • Helps your business gain more exposure

  • Increase customer engagement

  • Make your business stand out, More Visibility

  • Makes customers more likely to visit your business vs. your competition

  • Show off your property or business remotley 24/7

  • Transparency makes you more trustworthy to your prospective customers

Integrate your tour with Google Street View

MD Skyshots is a Google Street View Trusted Photographer. We integrate your tour with Google and your Google My Business page, opening your business up to a world of potential customers.


Google is now giving business 360° image preference in search results on Google Maps, Street View, Google +, and other Google platforms.


This means adding a Virtual Tour to your business on Google helps increase the foot traffic your business receives, allowing your establishment to be viewed 24/7

​Times are changing, a few years ago no one had a Facebook Business Page, now, that's pretty much mandatory to stay competitive. It's the same with Google and 360° imaging. If your competitors have it, and you don't, Google will send customers their way via better search placement.

MD Skyshots Virtual Tour Features

Mobile & Desktop Compatible


Virtual Tours are fully compatible and responsive on mobile, tablet and desktop devices creating a smooth and easy to use experience for your clients.

Embed On Your Website


All tours are hosted online and can be embedded anywhere on your website. When your tour is complete I will share the HTML code for embedding.

Info Spots

Create an engaging experience. Add text, images or even video to your Virtual Tours.

Working with your branding

We work to your branding guidelines to ensure a virtual tour that looks and feels a part of your company. your logo will be visible within the virtual tour.

Try Magic Edit (3).png

Aerial 360° Photos

We can add on aerial 360° images to any tour. This gives a unique perspective of where you are located and what is nearby.

12 Months Hosting

The same as a website, a virtual tour requires an annual hosting fee to stay live online. We include 12 months hosting in all our packages.

Share to Social Media

The tour can be shared on Facebook. This opens you up to a wide audience and allows the virtual tour to be easily shared.

Working with you


We support you through the whole process, from project planning to delivery of the finished virtual tour.

Quick turnaround


Got a deadline? Let us know and we'll work to your timescales.

Click To Check Out Some Of Our Virtual Tours Below ⬇️


virtual tours ireland

Retail & Showrooms

virtual tours ireland


virtual tours ireland

Parks & Tourism

virtual tours ireland

Hotels & Hospitality

virtual tours ireland

Construction Sites

virtual tours ireland

Promotional Marketing & Social Media Content Creation

marketing and content creation

Video is a highly effective way to tell stories. It has the potential to significantly enhance the success of your promotional campaigns and content marketing initiatives. With the rise of video-first platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram in recent times, the growth of your brand is heavily reliant on the quality of video content associated with it. MD Skyshots recognizes video's crucial role in today's marketing landscape.

We offer a content creation service that will give you a mix of photos and videos to post online for weeks at a time. We will come to your business or location of your choosing, and capture stunning footage of your services or place of business with our drone equipment. We then edit this footage and batch-create content tailored to your brand for your social media platforms. All media can be optimized for Instagram posts, Reels, TikToks, and Facebook.

MD Skyshots also creates captivating promotional videos to advertise your business and services. Using drones along with professional camera equipment to help create these videos can make your business stand out from the rest by highlighting your location and the services you offer.

Some of the promotional videos and Reels we have done!

FPV Filming

fpv filming

Elevate your visual storytelling and showcase your business like never before with the dynamic and immersive experience that FPV (First Person View) drone footage brings. FPV drone filming, allows us to capture ultra-smooth, dynamic shots that take you on an exhilarating ride. Whether you’re chasing mountain bikers through rugged terrain or filming a heart-stopping action sequence, FPV drone filming delivers an immersive, adrenaline-fueled experience that will leave you breathless.

FPV drones capture footage from dynamic and exciting angles, providing an immersive experience for viewers. This engagement can leave a lasting impression and make your advertising content more memorable. These drones can access locations and perspectives that might be challenging for other filming methods. This enables you to showcase your business uniquely and creatively, highlighting aspects that may not be immediately apparent from the ground.

FPV drone videos excel at creating continuous, one-take style videos that smoothly tell a story or showcase a product. This approach can enhance the storytelling aspect of your advertising content and keep viewers engaged from start to finish.

Prints & Downloads

prints and downloads

You can order any aerial photo from MD Skyshots as a print or a digital download. All our photos are high-resolution and can be printed in a very large size. We offer prints, framed prints, metal prints, canvases, and acrylic finishes.

Another popular service we often do is framed aerial photos of people's homes. It is a common item to see on the wall of country homes in Ireland from years back, photos were taken by a helicopter and the prints were sold to the homeowners. We have had many requests to take an updated photo and its intriguing to see the changes to peoples homes and land over a 20-30 year spell.


Having an aerial photo of your home or of the stunning Irish coastline hanging on your wall is something unique, and is a real conversation starter when you have visitors. 

To purchase any of our photos as a digital download or a print, click on the button below. If you would like to get a quote for a framed aerial photo of your home or specific location. Fill out the below contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

aerial framed prints ireland

Get In Touch With MD Skyshots Today!

For more information on our aerial photography, construction progress updates, or promotional videos and social media content, please don’t hesitate to write to us or call us on 0879228299

We are registered with the IAA, licensed and insured. We cover Kerry and Cork but can travel nationwide for any project on request. We will be more than happy to assist in your query, provide advice, or point you in the right direction.

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